Live long and…Online?

The Internet started becoming extremely popular amongst young people in my country, when I was approximately 10 years old. Back then we only had one local social network available – and, of course, it was the main tool for communication.

The older we got, the more social networks appeared, and the more we desired to get as many accounts as possible. I remember myself being on almost any Internet platform imaginable – Facebook, Odnoklassniki and VK (the Russian ones), MySpace, Tumblr, WeHeartIt, DeviantArt, Flickr (I was very into photography..well, at least, I thought so), Blogspot, WordPress (remember considering yourself to be a great blogger? No? Well, I do), Formspring, Ask.FM (because we were curious about everything and everyone) and many, many others. I reckon, I still have accounts on some of these, but, to be honest…I am not interested anymore.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – that’s all that is left of the diversity of my virtual life. I still need to keep in touch with people and, maybe, know what’s happening in their lives. Or just enjoy a beautiful picture. Sometimes I use Snapchat for entertainment and WordPress for university works or expressing my own thoughts (sometimes I still feel like a great blogger, you know). But that’s it.

I became an active Internet user when I was 12. Now I’m 20, and so many things changed over these eight years. I reconsidered the necessity of social networks’ presence in my life, and came to a conclusion that it’s not online life that everything is turning around. It’s other way round.

I am of the opinion, that the older we get, the less we need social media, the less we trust it. Do you agree? What was your “Internet user’s” story? Do you think that accounts that are left unused can affect our future lives somehow?


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  1. It’s true that the older we get our trust in social media decreases. I believe that only when we’re older we realize the dangers of social media. Only then we became fully aware of the virtual environment we operate, and only then we realize the importance of being careful with our actions within the network.
    Regarding your second question, this depends on the platform somebody has used to create a particular account and how much information ones has shared there. This is a site offering the opportunity to delete some unwanted online accounts:


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