Is privacy on social media really private?

To write this blog post, I first tried to write my name on Google and see what was coming out from this research. I have quite a common name and surname in my country, so my informations are actually “mixed” with ones from other people. It is possible to easily find images of me, just kicking on the images search of Google, though.

I have accounts on different social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn. I use them all on a daily basis, so of course there are plenty of information about me available. My Facebook and Instagram account are settled on privacy to just allow my friends can see what I am posting, while Twitter and LinkedIn are opened to everyone.

Facebook and Instagram are the platforms where I share more personal things, as for example pictures with my family and friends, that, then, are visible just to my friends (a part of my profile and cover picture, that are public). On Twitter I hardly share my personal information. I almost just retweet messages from news, celebrities, bloggers, etc. and I use in general this platform to discover what is going on in the world and near to me. LinkedIn is the platform where quite easily it is possible to discover more information about me.

I am quite careful of my privacy settings on Facebook and Instagram, because these platforms are the ones where I share more private things, while Twitter is just a way to mostly receive information and retweet the ones I consider more important or funny. LinkedIn is mostly to get known and hopefully find a job, for this of course plenty of my work information and experience are available. The concept of LinkedIn itself is to share work information on the platform, and for this I am very visible on it.

I know, then, that a lot of information are quite easily available about me, but I try to keep this information the less private I can. I also believe that those information “hidden” to the public on platform like Facebook, are still available to who manage social media platform and to people who know about informatics more than every person who can type my name on Google.

Once some informations are inserted on Internet they are available for much more people than what we know, as a result of the mass surveillance: it is a bit scary, but it is a reality.


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