Now you see me

People get carried away by the latest trends and they feel the urgent need to feel included or accepted in certain groups or categories of people. That’s why most of us picked up social media in the first place. I registered for a Facebook account for what is seems a hundred years ago now only because couple of my friends already had one so I figured I should try it too.

Today, everybody has social media accounts. And it’s not just Facebook anymore. It’s also Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn and so may others. They all require personal information that we give away without even questioning because it seems to be rather innocent. Data about us such as full name, address, date of birth or phone number are collected by anyone who wants to because it’s all there. We are more visible than ever in the online environment and even if we try to keep these things private, it’s still kind of easy to target someone on social media and in a couple of days you can see whether they are at home, where have they been in the last week, who are their friends and family. With this being said, do you think that we will ever be able to not be that visible online while still having social media accounts?



  1. It seems even more scary that we are now ‘expected’ to have a social media account of some sort. The knock on effect of this is that people feel a pressure to sign up when they shouldn’t. So I do think that with a social media accounts, we will unfortunately be visible to others. Is this necessary a bad thing though?


  2. In response to your question, I don’t think it is possible. Every time you sign up for a social network, or a newsletter or an online shopping website, you share with them some kind of personal information. And then this becomes a part of the online domain. Every time we access social media, we are making a conscious choice to be out there. Having said that, the question is how to protect your personal information from people who would use it for wrong reasons.


  3. To answer your question: no. Social media has a very simple policy: your information in exchange to its services. Once you’ve signed up for an account, that’s it. Your information is out there and you’re exposed. The best you can do is to share with moderation and pay attention to whatever you’re sharing. It’s always you the one who increases or not your visibility online.


  4. Catchy title! I find your point interesting that we may never be able to have privacy whilst we are connected to a social media site. It seems that people don’t mind trading a little of their privacy for an online social life, which comes with friends, an opportunity to publish things you are proud of as well as being narcissistic, entertainment and, in some cases, education.


  5. I don’t agree with some aspects of giving out information like your home address and the obvious ones such as your bank details. However I have never seen the harm in giving out information such as posting pictures and my name as I see it as what is the worst someone can do with that information? It’s just an easier choose to not live in fear of social media and privacy.


  6. I don’t agree with , giving your information over the phone , i think that is quite dangerous but i feel you have the ability to choose the information which you would like to put online therefore , it is up to you , to decide about what people see on the internet.


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