Now you see me…

When I type my name into Google, my work is the first thing to show up. From my old showreel, to a documentary, to my television research blog, you can find me immediately. I have quite a unique name so it’s not hard to find me on social media either. In fact, I’m the only Jaye Dundas to show up in the Facebook friend search. However, this is something that made me feel rather vulnerable online and encouraged me to do something about most of my social platforms. For example, I use unidentifiable usernames for Twitter, Instagram and Snapchap now so that only people who ask me directly how to find me can. But all of my information that I’ve chosen to share online is public. If it’s going to go online, it’s being made public anyway, regardless of how many privacy settings you choose to set. Once the information is online, it is more or less out of our hands because there are many (like the government or Google) who have access to it, even if you take it down or set it to private.

That said, I believe we do have a certain amount of control about our privacy online, in that we have control over what we share in the first place! It is a running gag that people over-share online but it is a dark truth because we really do share all manner of details about ourselves and then have the audacity to complain that nothing is private any more. Quite the contradiction we are posing.

Jaye Dundas


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