Once online…

When I mention the words “Online Visibility”, it scares me a bit. Who can see what I post? Where do the things that I post years ago end up? Is it actually safe to post things online? I had a look at my Facebook security settings. It is all non-visible for strangers, and I never accept people I’ve never met. Although my Twitter is open to the public I rarely use it anymore and I never posted any personal information on it. I use Instagram quite often, but it is set to private and I never accept followers I do not know. But this does not make the information I upload online completely confidential: it is still online! But here is where every person’s criteria comes into the mix. How much we post or reveal online is up to us. It is our choice to make that post. Every person has his or her own criteria on what private is. Some may think that having your birthday up on Facebook is already giving away too much personal information, others do not really mind. The importance of online privacy in my opinion is not a matter of being involved or not in social media. It’s to have a clear concept about what “personal” is and how much we are willing to give away because of the fact that once something is online, it never disappears.


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