Online Visibility

I am not visible at all. Although I have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, I hardly use them and I definitely will not complete my personal information. Because I think from the social media, people can easily analyse your personality and your background. Besides this reason, I personally believe it is difficult to use Facebook and Twitter..especially Twitter.

In my country, I also use social networks such as wechat, sina weibo or QQ which are all extremely popular as you can see.

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However, I still take seriously about my personal information. The power of internet is too strong and I am afraid of it. I only want to be an invisible person to find some funny news or videos.

Now, we have to use our email or phone numbers to create an account. Therefore, I believe although we did not write our personal information, someone can easily get it. Maybe the company will sell your details to somebody and that is why you will receive some strange messages or emails.

I think we really need to be careful on the Internet but sometimes if you are in a small sized interest group, you’d better complete the information, otherwise, it is a bit disrespectful and unfair.



  1. I believe, after reading your post, I am most shocked by the fact that you said you are afraid of the Internet. It seems as though something has lead you to believe this? I have found that the Internet can be a dangerous place, but if used properly and intelligently it can help us connect and learn. I am wondering how you feel about giving your information in person in stores. Many stores will ask for you email when you check-out or offer store credit cards that require your information. How would you feel about giving your information in person as opposed to online?


    • Actually, I have four email accounts. One is our school account for study, one is to handle the stores, one is for communication and the last one is my personal account. The thing that make me feel scared about the internet is “human flesh search”( I don’t know if it is correct??) People can easily get the information of your address, your images, your schools, your jobs or even the details of your parents and friends easily by the IP address! I am afraid of comment my own feeling in social media because once there are people disagree with your opinion you will be attacked. I have two accounts for every social media which I always use, one is for my friends one is for the strangers. This is how I feel about internet.. I love internet and I am also scared of it.


  2. Ive not really come across many people today that still actually want to be invisible on this internet! this is interesting but also nice as maybe you are offline more than online! I liked in your post where you talk about having to now add our phone numbers when signing up to things on social media or online, although i do this every time i sign up to something, i feel like i am so oblivious to where it could take me and who could actually get hold of my information through me sharing my personal number! So your post has made me step back and think about putting my number in when signing up to sites, however hard they try to get me to put it down!!


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