Online Visibility

The statement, how visible am I online is not something I’ve often thought about. But when I think about it, I am actually not that visible. I signed up to Facebook when I was 14, since then I’ve had quite strict privacy setting on my account. This is mostly due to the influence that my parents and teachers had on me about online privacy. To check how visible I am online, I done a quick google search of my name and could find nothing about myself, other than that I share a name of a prominent businessman in Kankakee, Illinois who was kidnapped and held for ransom!

In terms of what I choose to share, it’s very little. My Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn all have very little information about myself on them, unless we are friends. The online online platform I use that isn’t on ‘private’ settings, is Twitter.

Rather ironically, while writing this post I took a break to procrastinate and went to my Facebook, to which I found that I had a new friend request, I didn’t recognise the person’s name so I went onto their profile to see who they were. It turned out to be a travel agent from Austria, with no mutual friends. So much for having a private Facebook!



  1. Stephen, even if you tried over the years to keep your personal info private, I am sure you have realized that no matter how hard you try, there are still things about you out there, waiting for everyone to see, just like you said about Twitter, so is there a real solution for having social media accounts and still keep absolutely everything private?


  2. I have also received friend requests on Facebook from people who I have no mutual friends with. And to some extent this scares me.
    It is very good that from the very beginning you chose to share your personal data just with friends. I, however, didn’t think about privacy until now. But I will rethink and change the way I use social media.
    However, I still think that no matter if we change our settings or not, we still have no control on our data. Once you’ve posted something online.. it is no more private.


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