Online visibility

My Online visibility is something I have always given serious consideration to, my parents were always wary of internet privacy and I remember when I around 16 and I created my first email account my mum walking into my room and telling me not to use my real name. That’s always stuck with me, the phrase ‘better safe than sorry’ is something I’ve always applied in regards to my privacy and visibility online. The truth is I’ve only got comfortable with the sharing aspect of social networking as I got into my mid-twenties. I’ve only had a Facebook account since September and I probably wouldn’t have one if I wasn’t at University. Before then I had Tinder and Whatsapp, the latter is a social networking app but the sharing aspect doesn’t compare to others like Facebook and Tinder offers some element of control. When Facebook first arrived most people I know would add any tom dick and harry which I was never comfortable with. The idea of sharing my experiences in the form of picture and personal information with strangers made me uncomfortable. My Facebook account is private and will always be private in my mind was business does a stranger have looking at my page anyway? As a television student Social networking is a great way to promote your skills in the creative industries so I will create a separate page in time. In the meantime I’ll stick to a having a private page and the apps that suit me.




  1. I appreciate the comment you have made about growing comfortable with sharing. I too have found myself distracted from privacy when it comes to social media, easily being carried away in the humor of the inappropriate jokes popping up on my timeline and other things not related to being considerate of who sees my profile. I think of my mom who is a business owner and holds a high level of prestige in my hometown. Her sense of humor is whitty and sometimes downright inappropriate. She found a funny but totally inappropriate video around Christmas time and wanted to share it with me on Facebook. Without realizing what she had done, I had three likes on a video posted to my wall instead of sent in a private messenger. Another thought is our inability to control what other people do and involve us in on their social media sites.


  2. I like the way prioritise your privacy. I also agree that when you start going into the television industry is when becoming more public will be necessary. If networking wasn’t important to me I myself would be private. I do feel websites such as LinkedIn and Twitter can be used for professional platforms for networking. Facebook not so much… Thinking about it may be I should make my Facebook private…


  3. I see your point and I agree with a lot. I have never understood why some friends added strangers on Facebook just because they had friends in common. I would never add anyone I don’t know. I do share quite a lot of pictures if I’m being honest, but I’ve always tried to be aware of the people I share it with, never accepting strangers and making sure that those who I don’t know are not able to see my profile unless I authorize them to.


  4. I’m completely agree with your post, I find it very important that all aspects of my Facebook are private. I also agree with the point your parents make about being “better safe than sorry” as it’s something my parents always told me.


  5. Your post and all your decisions seem very wise. Also, it is very interesting to hear from someone who had just joined Facebook. Sometimes I feel that we all think we’ve been pressured to be active in all types of social media and it is definitely not like that.
    You also made me reflect how much I do need to be careful about what I share online. I’ve never been really worried about it and now I think it’s more than time for me to start posting my personal stuff online in a more reasonable way.


  6. This is a valid point and I understand why you would want to keep Facebook so private as it is something that is very personal and holds a lot of personal photos of family and friends if you choose to upload them. I personally agree with making your Facebook private however I think people see it to much as an enemy when it comes to privacy, because at the end if you have a problem with privacy Facebook is not the thing to have.


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