Invisible Online. An Extract From ‘What A Beautiful Lie’ Chapter.

Do I have to tell you one more time how the internet and its gigantic social media representatives are just simple black holes for your private information? It is a well-known fact that the oh so alluring pseudo-protective policies granted by social media platforms are just ‘advertising artifices’. Shared too much information online? If you’re looking for forgiveness search for it in another century, when the internet was merely a dream.

My presence online is extremely discreet. In general, I am careful with sharing any type of information online. At the moment, I have four social media platform where I use my real name: Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook. Other media platforms such as WeHeartIt, Tumblr, etc. have become a digital metaphor of my hesitance in ‘being personal’ online – I use a nickname on all of them and share no information.

My Instagram account is private. As long as you’re not of my followers, you can’t see more than my full name and my Snapchat username. On Snapchat, my story can be viewed only by my friends. I keep Twitter public because I intend to use it as a professional social media platform. Facebook on the other hand, is literally a ‘fortified virtual realm’. If a complete stranger accesses my profile, one’s won’t be able to see more than my gender (which is pretty obvious anyway…), my cover picture and the cropped-out version of my profile picture (Tell me ‘why’ Facebook? Why even that?). In comparison, a Facebook friend can see what I consider to be a little more than basic information: where I live/study, certain photos and check-ins, our mutual friends and eventually the official pages I like.

None of my online accounts has its privacy set on default. However, I’m aware the internet has its own way of reaching my personal information increasing my online exposure more than I’d wish. But at the end of the day, this is a risk we all assume, right?

How many of you keep their social media accounts on default privacy settings?


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  1. I really enjoy how you tie together social media and it being a black hole for our private information. I appreciate how conscious you are with your own information because it heightens my awareness of my own social media privacy. I think we are at an age between needing more privacy and needing to share the perfectly calculated information that will be appealing to the people who might hire us someday. Social media is a double edged sword, it can help and haunt us and the best way to escape without a scratch is to keep clean on the internet, no matter how private we think we are.

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