BoB’s Growing Media Archive

BOBBox of Broadcasts is an online archive of  TV and radio programmes with over 1,200,000 items currently recorded. As part of the University of Westminster, each student has access to this site, and is able to watch pretty much any television programme and is able to choose and record any broadcast programme from 60+ TV and radio channels.This archive is only available to UK higher and further education
institutions who pay the annual sum of £5350 per year.

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If this site had a Creative Commons Licence, everyone would have free access to the 1 million + programmes that have been published. This would be beneficial for consumers as they would, without cost, be able to catch up on missed programmes, watch or listen to broadcasts from several years ago, and watch recent television. Also, it would help to get audience reviews of BoB and its content and the site would be able to gain a lot more valuable data regarding audience preferences.

However, having fewer restrictions would be disadvantageous because there would no longer be a use for platforms like Netflix or catch-up services, which would harm the television and radio industries. Also, this raises the risk that the content on BoB gets abused by copyright, and licencors may not get the credit for their work. Finally, as university students who pay a loan to be here, we expect that this sort of service would be provided to us for free, so why should anyone who is not part of university be given this service?


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  1. I was unaware of this site before reading your post! It sounds like an iPlayer but exclusive to us. Also, thinking about it people are going to have to start paying to watch iPlayer soon anyway so if this site did become open to everyone to use then i definitely think that iPlayer and Netflix would slowly lose users. I think due to the fact we have to pay for most things now that this should definitely stay free for us.


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