Want to know everything about PR? Pay a subscription

PR week is the handbook for public relations. It is a paid trade Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 20.24.00magazine for the public relations industry that offers a mix of breaking news, industry views and in-depth analysis. It covers everything from big business issues to everyday life in the comms industry. It contains up to the minute information that expert analysis put into context, industry profiles and investigations, and the latest careers information, with a job search section.

Westminster University pays the subscription every month, so I get free unlimited access to the magazine as a PR student. However people need to pay a subscription of £33 a quarter or £49 if you choose premium. This means that the magazine costs around £200 a year. When people access the website without having an account it will limit the access to only 3 articles. Then the subscription page comes up.

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 19.19.34

If PR week was shared with fewer restrictions under a Creative Commons license then this content would not be possible. There are a lot of journalists and expert PR analysts that make the investigations and put the information on the website. There is also people working for the job section and updating it every minute. Who or what would pay the work of these people? Also if the magazine was free to everybody it wouldn’t have such a good quality. Reading PR week every morning is a must for PR practitioners, and this requires quality, that requires paying professionals.

However there would be some advantages about getting PR Week free for everybody. It is valuable information that people should be aware of. The more society reads, the better future we will have. Also there are people that cannot afford paying for news, like students. This way they would have limited access and could use the content for their own knowledge development.

Do you agree? Do you think we should pay for the content?

Elena Munoz



  1. I mean, as a PR student I would say that it’s definitely worth it because this way you are constantly updated with the news in the PR and Advertising industry and not to mention, they have the jobs section where you can look for part-tim or full-time jobs or even internships in the PR field.


  2. Great example. I read PR WEEK quite often, as PR student as well I get mostly of information, news and updates from the PR world from it.

    I believe its content is quality and I understand why there is a subscription to access it. It is a very particular kind of content and people interested in it will have to pay to read it. It’s indisputable that it’s quite expensive… £2000 pounds a year is not little! I believe they have these subscriptions cause their target audience is very defined: professionals who work in a field, well known to be quite profitable and that, at least in theory, can afford this cost.

    I am very glad we can access it thanks to the university subscription, it is a great opportunity for us to read and learn a lot about public relations and the news from this field.


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