Hello from the other side, you must have paid at least ten pounds

Back in November, as a true fan of music and, particularly, Adele, I was waiting for her new album “25” to be released. However, on the day it should have been out, some bad news were awaiting for me – the singer announced that her new creation will not be on Apple Music or Spotify. The same announcement was made few months later by the mighty Kanye West regarding his album “The Life of Pablo”. Why do celebrities keep doing this to us?

The main reason behind this phenomenon is their support for…themselves and their own music. They need people to buy it. They need people to pay them real money (as if Adele did not have enough for her eyeliner). She, by the way, was the one, who called music streaming “disposable”.

“I’m really proud of my decision”, she claimed.

Kanye West, on the contrary, was not saying much on this.


To be honest, I was a bit disappointed with the new movement of the celebrities. To my mind, it was completely wrong – especially considering the fact that most streaming sources are not free (not sure about Spotify, but I, as an Apple user, pay 6,99 euro/5,49£ monthly for the access to almost all the music imaginable). Of course, music (as any other content) cannot be completely free, but this fee is pretty fair.

Average price for “25” online is around 10 pounds. I could eat for three days for this price.

Should music be even more expensive than it is now? Are decisions of Adele and Kanye fair?

Let me know what you think!


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  1. It’s understandable for an artist to try to protect her/his work. Nowadays, for such notorious figures as Adele and Kanye, the streaming services might represent a nightmare (in opposition, for the less known singers they are an invaluable promotional tool). Would you buy Adele’s album if you could listen to it anytime and for free on Spotify? I have a feeling you wouldn’t (you still don’t have it, right?). And so would do many other people (including me). What the two singers did was to be cautious this time and try to gain more control over their work (and yes, start an unfavourable movement for us). If they don’t pay attention, the streaming services are going to steal more than their money – their copyrights.


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