We all know iTunes is a digital music-management hub with strict regulation. As it brings us a high quality listening experience, we have to pay for every song and album. Apple’s CEO made a lot of efforts to unite the power of artist industry, content market and the copyright holders to put down the promotion of illegal downloading system like Napster. Besides monetizing the music industry, the aim of iTunes is also to let the content market have a higher status than before.

Apart from the music, people can also purchase for the movies, books and even the TV shows. iTunes protect the intellectual property of most of the artists and create a peaceful platform for us to watch and listen to legal copy movies and music.

Actually, if iTunes works as a free platform, it will not be a mainstream platform for the media to hype. There will still have another platform to ask for fees, protect the rights of the artists and become to the new mainstream of music industry.

A piece of music which is created by the passion and enthusiasm should be respected by us. Everybody want their products to be treated carefully and legally after all.


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