Pay to get the real deal

Most of the newspapers in UK have created an online platform where ‘digital natives’ would go and read the news if they prefer reading on a screen rather then reading the actual newspaper.

Of course the sites are available for everyone to see, but a closer look to it would make you realise that you are allowed to read only certain news or just the first paragraph or two . With that being said, what online newspapers actually do is letting everyone read the ‘not-so-important’ stories, but if you want to access the real and updated content, you are given the chance to do it by subscribing to their website.

guardian subscription                                              guardian 2

The Guardian, for example, has a lot of subscription options so one could choose digital, paper or both at the same time. I find this useful and right for many reasons. The first one is that by paying to get the information, the news industry stays alive and as strong as possible. The second reason would be that the industry slowly becomes more eco-friendly through directing itself towards digital environment. Other reasons are related to targeting younger audiences due to the mobile-friendly approach.

guardian final

In conclusion, this is one the examples of a content you have to pay for even though at first it seems like it’s free to get the news. I strongly believe this a good thing and it is not beneficial for journalists and the industry only, but also for younger audiences who get the chance to read the news through a familiar medium.



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  1. I also believe the news industry is moving in the right direction with their online newspaper services. I personally believe the less important news or non-headliners should be free and fully accessible while the feature stories should cost money. Is that completely realistic, probably not but it would be an idea. I am wondering if the websites offer purchasing options to purchase the paper for one day online and not buy a subscription. Only because I do not read the paper religiously but do get one copy every once in a while.


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