World of WarCraft and Restrictions

I do not play online games nor do I know anything about them. Other than the fact that they cost money and require a subscription if they are going to be worth your time.

Despite that, the online gaming community with the specific example of World of WarCraft is a good example of online content that we do not have access to without payment. They do offer a trial period that allows you to play for free up until the 20th level. The hope is that you will like their game so much, you will want to keep playing and will pay for more levels.

If we were to theoretically put this content under a Creative Commons license, the content would not be as good. The creators of the game would not be able to afford high end graphic designers and computer software builders to make an ascetically pleasing game with a good story line.

It would also offer less levels and achievements again for monetary reasons. My brother is a gamer and I have found that people interested in playing good online games don’t mind paying a monthly fee for quality content and fun.

Are any of you gamers and do you disagree and think these for profit online games should be free?

If you’re interested in joining the online gaming community of World of WarCraft, copy the link below!




  1. Although I am also not a game addict, nore do I know much about World Of Warcraft, I agree with your statement that this content would not be as good quality for the users if it was free. This is a prime example of how creative commons can affect content in a bad way. The amount of labor, hard work and expertise that goes into content like this seems to deserve payment. I also believe that the free subscription until level 20 is very reasonable, I feel like the ‘try before you buy’ method works very well with sales and gets people addicted to the content. Very good business strategy!


  2. I have played World of Warcraft before, and did enjoy the game. However, when it came to paying I simply stopped playing it, refusing to pay the expenses when I can play other games online and do other things for free. So, in a sense, it is a good thing for me that World of Warcraft is a game which costs money to pay, as I probably would never have stopped playing it! Whereas it could be beneficial to make this game cost-free, it may mean that the game loses a lot of its success. As Jed said, a lot of effort goes into creating World of Warcraft, which makes most consumers happy to pay. Also, World of Warcraft is targeted at a specific demographic – if it was free for all, different types of people would be able to access the game, meaning there would be a greater demand for the producers to change the content so that the game appeals to all.


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