The Internet is such a wide tool. It has infinite information, images and videos. One of the most famous and lovable things we can find online is GIFs. The GIF, or graphics interchange format, was introduced to the world by Compuserve in 1987. The compressed format was the ideal for performing image transfers across the slow modem connections of the time. Nowadays GIFs are almost everywhere: you can find them on a Google Image search; it is one of the main elements in Tumblr; it can be a tool to tell jokes on 9GAG; and recently added, it’s one of the most famous features on Facebook. GIFs can be about anything, and can be created by anyone. The most common theme of GIFs is TV shows, movies and viral videos. We can see GIFs of basically every single scene of these media products. But after giving it some thought, I came to the following conclusion: these type of GIFS are all over the web but no one seems to be bothered about the fact that their media content is being used so freely. So my question is, wouldn’t the use of these scenes turned into GIFs be copyright infringement? Don’t the owners of the content deserve credit on what they do at all times?





  1. I think GIFs are a hilarious invention , I didn’t even consider how an individual would feel , if their GIF s is being used without giving credit to the creator. However I know when I made a GIF on twitter I didn’t really care when everyone started re tweeting my GIF without mentioning the fact that I created it , I was just happy that I was getting a lot of likes and shares and other people found it funny.

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  2. I’ve thought about this before, I always wondered if people had got permission to make these or if it’s just become a thing now to share and reshare GIFs anyway. Especially now that they’re an actual feature on Facebook now, I find it quite interesting how this feature would be handled. Do their Disney GIFs require copyright for example? Even then, there are a lot of GIFs out there, wouldn’t it be too hard now to introduce copyright restrictions?

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  3. That’s a really good point you have raised! I have noticed in the last few weeks/months GIFS have become a large aspect of social media sites as they have started to feature them on twitter, Facebook, Tinder and more! Although I want to know if these GIFS have needed permission before they were used. If not in ways they are breaking copyright preaches as you are using someone else’s material without crediting them for it.

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  4. I agree with the confusing fact why GIFS are aloud to be used so much considering there from TV shows and movies etc which all have copyright restrictions so it makes sense that they wouldn’t let someone use there own material. However I think this is all down to the fact that no one cares because it’s helping out the directors and company’s by promoting there programme and getting more viewers. I mean it’s not like it’s a full movie being posted all over Facebook, it’s a 3 second moving picture.


  5. This is a very thought provoking post. I have just realised that I myself have used this umpteen number of times without really thinking about it. This raises the question of is copyright only for organised bodies? How do we protect the creative rights of individual citizens?


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