iTunes is the biggest music purchasing sites in the world. Now days instead of going to the store to by the latest album everyone is talking about, we now can just download it at the touch of a button in the matter of seconds.. But at a PRICE. An album on iTunes usually costs 9.99 for the standard version and 12.99 for the Deluxe Version, however older albums usually cost a lower price of £5.99. Paying is a crucial part of iTunes and you can’t get anything for free because it’s a place where musicians make all there money. All songs have to be original or have permission in some way to be uploaded, copyright is very important when it comes to iTunes, however if someone sued someone other artist for copying a part of there song then iTunes itself wouldn’t get sued but the artist and record company of the song. If all songs on iTunes were free the music industry would suffer majorly. I mean it is suffering today enough because of how easy it is to get our hands on free music, album says have dropped majorly as people don’t really like buying them now days. It’s crucial that record companies make money from the music they make because of how expensive it is to make an album. If they didn’t make any money people would leave the record label as they wouldn’t be able to pay there employers and it’s the butterfly effect just by not purchasing 1 song. It has a bigger effect than you think having things for free.


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