Sound Cloud is the world’s leading social sound platform where anyone can create and share sounds. Sound Cloud is a free app and website, so anyone can listen to music anywhere and everywhere. This has helped shoot many great artists into stardom, a good example of this would be Bryson Tiller, 2 years ago nobody knew who this man was but since he released his song Don’t on Sound Cloud, this propelled him into the music business and now Bryson Tiller is a renowned artist and is landing amazing opportunities, such as performing at Wireless 2016.

If Sound Cloud became restricted, the company would definitely benefit from this financially, but the meaning and the essence behind Sound Cloud would be gone forever. Sound cloud to me is musicians and listeners coming together sharing and create music. I know when I stumble and come across a great artist on Sound Cloud , it makes me extremely happy ,that I have the ability to share this with my friends and families without them and myself having to pay for It. I know If Sound Cloud decided to make us pay for their streaming services , I wouldn’t after all YouTube is still free , I think if YouTube wasn’t free then I wouldn’t have a choice in the matter and then would I consider paying for Sound Cloud.




  1. I like to think of SoundCloud as the YouTube of sound. Therefore turning it into a service that people have to pay for I would seem as ludicrous. While SoundCloud may financially benefit, I think the number of users would hugely decrease.


  2. I never really use Soundcloud but I know that it’s a great online site for finding new songs, and have previously found new artists that I have looked into more and downloaded certain songs of theres from listening to there Soundcloud. I also agree with you if people were to have to pay for this service, the number of people who use the site would dramatically decrease.


  3. I totally agree with what you have said in this post. The beauty about Soundcloud as you have said is that it is free ! Why should you have to pay for music, it is a part of everyday life. I like that you can discover new artists, even upload your own content to soundcloud and be discovered it’s quite amazing. I think soundcloud is so popular because of the way it presents itself. If it made people pay it wouldn’t be the same.


  4. I agree with your point about Sound cloud being different from things like iTunes because of how freely it is used in terms of no restrictions and people who are not professionals can add there own music. I think sound cloud is amazing that it hasn’t got so many restrictions copyright wise and purchase wise as it gives us more freedom to share new music.


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