The Queen of Copyright

We all know the singer/musician Taylor Swift who has been within the industry for over 10 years. With over 4 debut albums. She has become one of the biggest names in the music world to this day with over 72,000,000 followers on twitter she is one of the most famous female in the world.


If you try to search for 1989 (Taylor’s most recent debut album) on youtube, or online still to this day most of her songs are not available to stream. This is because Taylor has copyrighted every song on the album, meaning once it is published on youtube it will be removed, or the audio will be removed as it will be flagged by the record company who are in charge of Taylor.

Taylor spoke about this in an interview on Jimmy Fallon show (US Talk show) “I am so scared the album will leak that I am the only one who owns it at the moment, my label or family don’t have it, I hate this pressure and it’s making me obsessed”. Her team have even copyrighted catchy phrases in her songs such as “This sick beat,” and “Cause we never go out of style”. As-well as this Taylor decided to remove her whole album from Spotify as she believes that people should not receive her album without paying the full price as people technically get the album for free.

It just goes to show the power that a high profile celebrity in the industry has.



  1. I can understand why Taylor Swift , would want to copy right her songs ! but I just don’t understand why she would feel the need to copy right phrases. I remember reading in the news , how Taylor swift and her team , threatened to sue Etsy for using one of her so called phrases ‘this sick beat’ and printing it on mugs on their website. I thought this was quite ridiculous as she shouldn’t get to own phrases and I am sure people having been saying ‘This sick beat’ before Taylor was even born.


  2. I do not agree with the fact that she copy right phrases, she was not the first person to say them and I’m sure she won’t be the last. But I do agree with how she is handling the copy rights of her album. This has allowed her to do amazing things marketing wise, and she has a made a huge change in the music industry with the letter she sent to Apple Music asking them to pay the artists for streaming their work. This is what musicians do for a living, and their work should not be used freely


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