Tidal: the wave that you pay for

Tidal is a music streaming service that started in 2009 with its main selling point being that it has higher quality streams. In order to access this great content you have to pay 19.99 per month, but is it really worth this much money ?

The company pitches itself as ”the first artist-owned global music and entertainment platform”, and promises to give shares to other musicians too. It states that its aim is to restore the value of music in the eyes (or ears) of listeners, which means making them pay for good quality music, rather than listening for free.

I think that if tidal was not under a creative commons license it would probably overtake sites such as Spotify, because, it could be argued that the content of the music they stream is of a better quality, meaning Spotify would be under risk of existing.- However Tidal copyright laws are presented as quite strict in its approach, for example subscribers have no right to engage in the commercial use, sale or re-sale of the music they stream… pretty drastic right ?tidal

In my opinion this law is quite extreme because surely any form of advertisement for Tidal, they would benefit from. It would increase the amount of people who join the site, resulting in them getting more money.

-The world would be a better place if we could all listen to music for free because surely Kanye West does not need my 99p.


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  1. This is a very interesting topic! So, when I first heard about Tidal in an interview Jay-Z gave, I got really excited because it seemed like a great platform for music would emerge. However, this price did really discourage me! I found it really expensive.
    On one hand, I kind of understand Tidal’s point of view and concept. Must be hard for the artists to see their whole industry going online and all his songs being copywritten without their permission. On the other hand, I feel they’re trying to go the opposite way from what’s the internet era is claiming at the moment, which is sharing for free your art. Also, I’m sure that kind of artists have other thousand ways to earn the money they need…
    Anyways, very engaging post and nice points of view!


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