I’m sure we have all heard of http://tidal.com/soc/ ; ‘the global music and entertainment platform that brings artists and fans together’ … ‘ because nothing should get in the middle of fans and their artists’ … except a monthly subscription of which you could buy your weekly shopping with.

At £19.99 or £9.99 for different subscriptions you can get access to content which you are also likely to be able to access on other music sites like YouTube/iTunes or Spotify at a lower or affordable rate! I understand that Tidal offers exclusives to users and some artists like Adele and of course Kanye have said they would never share their music on apple, but we will eventually get our hands on it in some way or another wont we?

Since everything has become so digital and almost everything is online today the problems with artists losing out on money have seen an increase as no one needs to buy hard copies. This is due to platforms such as YouTube and illegal downloads. I suppose if the music on Tidal was shared with fewer restrictions, yes, artists will probably suffer from income decreases, as we will be able to access their music without paying the extortionate prices we are being asked to pay. Keeping content away from users does encourage people to subscribe and therefore Tidal is being successful and it does supply the artist with the respect they deserve from the much they have produced.

Personally I think Tidal is just another way for artists to get even more of that money they are craving, cant they just let their fans enjoy the music at a cheaper rate? use something else like iTunes?  They wouldn’t be here without us would they…


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