Surveillance is already here.

The lecture that most I enjoyed during this module was the one about SURVEILLANCE AND PRIVACY. I especially found really interesting the discourse about mass surveillance.

Two quotes grabbed my attention in particular:

 “Surveillance helps to constitute the world as modern” (Lyon, 2003: 161)


“Importance of systematic information codification, monitoring and control” for western countries (Ball, 2001:127)

This two quotes are enough to understand how in the modern western countries world mass surveillance takes on an important role for the states and every aspect of people life.  It is incredible how we are under control in every step of our daily life without no even realising it. Pages we visit on the Internet, bank payments, sites we access by mobile phones, loyalty cards… and many more: we are always “under control”.

I have to say that it is scaring, not because we could have something to hide, but because there is a continuous invasion of our life in all of its aspects.

Looking on the Internet for more information about surveillance in general, and above all about  state surveillance, I found an interesting campaign by Amnesty International UK, non-governmental organisation focus on human rights, about stopping the government in UK to put its citizens under mass surveillance. A draft of legislation which would require Internet service providers and mobile phones companies to maintain records of each user’s activity has been debated in the Commons and it looks like the UK government is  moving very much on the direction of the possibility of spying everyone, without any problem.

Surprisingly (or maybe not?) there are not a lot of information about the Snoopers Charter (the data BIll) on the news, even thought it is a very relevant and actual matter.

I leave you the Amnesty UK page link about Mass Surveillance for more information, you can have a look and take place in the debate: , a link from a The Guardian article from one week ago about this matter: and a link to an article about what this law means for the citizens to get more information about this issue.


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