The thing that has stood out for me the most this module is awareness. Of course I already sort of/kind of/maybe knew that I should be careful what I post and what I do online but really studying this in depth has made me aware how important it is to be careful online. I have been made more aware of mass surveillance and will now take care to notice these things. I have been made more aware of how my information is shared online. I have been made aware of identity theft and other bad things that can happen. I am now more aware of online copyright laws and the repercussions these have had on the creative community. A lot of good has also come of the internet one of them being the helpful and often knowledgeable online communities that have sprung up.  I am now aware that the internet is a creative and an amazing place but that I need to be aware of how I use it, and how others use it.



  1. I agree with your comments , this module has allowed me to understand how easy it is for any body to track our location just from an image that we may post on social media or a status that we post. I believe it is very important to think about what we post online and whether or not we want it to be traced back to us.


  2. I agree with you. The lecture about Surveillance and Privacy opens my eyes as well about our security in general and especially online. I’ve always been very careful of my privacy on social media and similar stuff, but I have not think before of all the ways we are “under control”… oyster cards, loyalty cards and so on. It is so important on “the way we use the Internet” as you said, to avoid unnecessary problems in our future and this is a bit scaring, now that there is this “Big Brother” always watching us.


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