Manuel Castell’s prediction

periodistadigital1What really captured my interest in this module has been being able to critically analyse and think week by week how the new media world is changing. As Manuel Castell (2007,2011) argues “the diffusion of the Internet, mobile communication, digital media and a variety of tools of social software; have prompted the development of horizontal networks of interactive communications that connect local and global at a chosen time”. He also says that we are indeed in a new communications era, whose backbone is made of computer networks, whose language is digital and whose senders are globally distributed and globally interactive.

As a PR and media student, it sounds very scary that a system that has been working for decades is changing very quick, leaving behind traditional media like Newspapers. Do we need news anymore? We have Twitter now and citizens retransmitting what happens in every part of the world. Can social media cover journalism? or thinking the other way, how will news have a future without social media? In addition, nowadays we are getting our news through the back door, in platforms like Twitter, and not through the main door, which would be the newspaper websites. These changes affect us directly as media practitioners creating challenges to keep us adaptive to a changing media market.

I believe that media changes are all welcome as soon as there is still the choice for everybody to choose which method to use. I invite you to read Manuel Castell’s theory as it gives a lot of answers to these questions

Elena Munoz




  1. The changes in the news are going fast, and probably more fast of what we think. I personally believe that it will be impossible that social media will take the place of news, but it’s sure that they are changing the way we get the news and we share them. It is in some way fascinating and scaring at the same time. As you said, as media practitioners, we need to be always aware on what is going on and follow the trends, the changes, the way that people get the news. I personally like to read the news from printed newspaper, but often I just read them from newspapers websites or simple through Twitter.

    I believe that all this changes can be something very positive for people and for the industry in general, allowing to get more informations and news because available in different platforms and ways.


  2. While some journalists use social media for writing their news stories, it’s hard to believe it will ever replace the authorised news publication especially because the information presented by them is reliable and verified. In this case, social media is rather a medium where news publications advertise their articles. It will never be able to cover professional journalism. The news will always have a future with or without social media.


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