Our Visibility

Firstly i really enjoyed uploading my views onto this blog and reading others views and commenting within this blog community. It was very interesting to read what other people thought on each topic and also it opened my mind towards matters, i began to think about things in different ways which was great.

The lecture and blog post i most enjoyed discussing was the one on our visibility online. As we approached this topic i was aware that I’m very visible online and we discussed the negatives of our visibility a lot. However as i researched into the issue and began writing my post i found a site that encourage online visibility and encouraged you to allow people to see your information. As i engaged with this website i came to realise that being visible can help with careers and promoting your work which then leads onto positive outcomes.

I also was interested in how we portrayed ourselves online and how different we can seem on each different platform. Getting to know from others in the class the type of information we chose to keep to ourselves or share with others just because the social media site is slightly different is strange. We can create a totally new person of ourselves and no one would know. Saying this though it could be seen as character building for ourselves, the internet and social media could help up to learn more about ourselves and our likes and interests could be formed around these.

Overall this semester i have learnt not to be so closed minded towards topics and to listen to others views as it means i gain a better understanding and more often than not i end up agreeing with what i have ignored.


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