Privacy online…

Firstly I want to discuss how For the last semester we have been completing these blogs on a weekly basis. I have really enjoyed doing this as it has allowed me to learn so much information on a specific topic each week. It has also allowed me to see other peoples views, and express my opinion on them by commenting.

This semester I have really found interest in the privacy online lecture/seminar. This blog post was important to me because I have previously knew people who have had their identity stolen online.  The problem with online security is that you could suggest there is no such thing.

Once something is online it’s online, there are privacy settings in which you can adjust and change to make more ‘private’ but the end result is that if something is put online someone somewhere will have access to it, whether its the users of internet, creators of websites or others.

I believe that online security needs to be addressed more seriously. identification should be essential before young adults can use sites designed for the older generation, also sites with explicit nature should be filtered through, to ensure identification would need to be made before you can use these sites.


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