Where are we going?

For the majority of this module, we have focused on what is and what has been in regards to the internet, its regulations, the technology and the theories about its current functionality and existence. Now, I want you to think for just a moment about where the internet could be in five, maybe even ten years. Considering that most of us are around 20 years old, we have seen the development of the internet from its early stages to its current state and it has already made great strides in helping us in our daily lives. But could this reach a point where it is taken too far?

It is estimated that by the year 2020 computer chips will be assembled by using individual atoms or molecules, giving them the intellectual capability of human beings. According to developers at Intel, the keyboard and mouse will no longer be necessary as you will control your computer with you mind, after they surgically insert a brain implant into your skull.

“Imagine being able to surf the web with the power of your thoughts” said Intel researcher Dean Pomerleau.

Do you think these technological advances will go as well as planned if they ever even hit the market? Would you be for or against them? And do you see the digital era taking a different turn than what is predicted here?

For more advances predicted within the next ten years, check here: http://highexistence.com/10-ways-the-next-10-years-are-going-to-be-mind-blowing/



  1. Right now, I would be against someone inserting an implant into my skull for me to be able to use a computer. Firstly, it sounds unnatural, but I also feel that it could escalate into something dangerous. However, in 10 years time, the internet may have made many more astonishing developments, and the idea that we can control a computer with our own minds may become the norm, and we may not hesitate at getting an implant. Today, we think people who haven’t got a mobile phone are behind the times and incompetent for refusing to accept new technologies – this may be the same in 20 years time, but for brain implants rather than mobile phones.

    I think we have emerged into a new culture as technology has developed, and I am excited to see more amazing developments throughout my lifetime and how this culture is further established.


  2. This is crazy… I don’t know if I’m for or against it all. Maybe all this technology can push humanity even further and help to improve our lives. However, I must say it scares me a lot!

    In around 15 years ago, our parents, for example, would never guess how technology and the internet would be so influent in our lives. I believe we also have no idea for what is about to come. It makes me really scare! Sometimes I think that we come too far, and there’s nothing anymore to be improved or to be invented… Until I read something like this chip’s insertion you mentioned.

    I only hope all the new technologies that are about to come can help improve lives of everyone who currently needs. For example, imagine if technology could effectively and directly help to eradicate hunger in needy countries? Or, even more realistic, could discover the cure for all the diseases we are still fighting against nowadays?

    Such a nice post! And great reflection!


  3. This would have been a great subject to learn about and really get our brains stimulating. I agree that we could have learned a lot about futuristic developments of technology and discussed where we believe that a massive sector of our industry will lead to within the next few years. I think that advances that you have referenced in your post will take a long time to actually get to that stage. But, I would be totally for these advances once they’re put into place. I feel that they could help the media industry massively.


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