Big Brother is Watching You

“Network Society…What’s the point? Is there anything we don’t know about the Internet?” I remember hearing these words all over the university in the beginning of semester and, to be honest, I was really supporting this opinion. I honestly thought nothing can be taught about online societies. What a mistake! I feel so refreshed after this module I can’t even choose the topic to talk about. But, wait…I have an idea.

The most attractive topic to me in Network Society and the Media module was Privacy and Surveillance. It made me think. Not just about the amount of accounts on the Web I have and the fact that I better not put mobile number and address online, but mainly about being constantly watched. Anything that has ever been put online (even for a short time) stays online forever and can always be used. Every photo, every life event, every line written – most of the information Internet users provide is being recorded, and that makes people on the other side of monitor able to watch us literally always. And we hand all this information in ourselves.

However, at the same time, if a stranger came up to you in the street, would you answer some private questions? I bet no. So why do we keep doing this online? Giving out extremely personal information, not even thinking about consequences?

I’ve talked about this in one of the seminars, but it is a problem that I’m really worried about. None of us would like to find ourselves in a database, but we keep joining hundreds of them every day voluntarily.

Do you agree/disagree? Do you think we need to be more careful online, or there is no actual danger? Let me know what you think!


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  1. I agree with how we were all passing off this lecture as pointless at the beginning of the first semester but it has also really opened my eyes to how we need to be careful and i feel like i am more open minded about topics in this module. Listening to others opinions and ideas i realised i was being very one sided at times to say the least.
    In answer to your questions posed at the end of your post i do think we need to be more careful online, it is a great community to be part of but also very very dangerous. If you are not careful there are people and companies out there that will define you down to exactly who you are by collating all your information off multiple sites.


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