Blog Post #8 – PRIVACY & The Internet

What I found most interesting about this module is Privacy and how half the people feel comfortable sharing all there information for the world to see and the other half have everything private and wants to be in control on who see’s there posts.

Facebook VS Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr & Snapchat


I also found it intriguing how more people would have there Facebook private, however have there Instagram and Twitter profiles visible for anyone to see. Is this just because what society has planted in our heads over the years of social media’s growth, that Facebook is meant to be private and for family and friends but when it comes to Instagram and Twitter it’s completely safe to post whatever you want and have anyone view it? In my opinion and what I have seen we all feel less safe on Facebook than we would on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr, for example if someone added us on Facebook who we didn’t know we would question why that person has added us and usually you choose to decline the request if you don’t know them however if someone followed you on Twitter who you didn’t know or on Tumblr you wouldn’t think of it in the same way, instead you would just be happy because you just gained another follower. I think Snapchat is similar to Facebook in terms of privacy because people see Snapchat as quite a private thing that is just for friends and family. However ever since Snapchat has started to update and become more based around stories people have become more known to add and accept people they don’t know as they want loads of people to view there snapchats.


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