Have you noticed?

By week 5, when I was doing the suggested readings for my presentation on the following week, I have realised something that actually changed my view of this whole module.

I don’t know whether you would have experienced the same feeling as me, but I got quite excited to notice how all the lectures we were having so far, were beautifully linked with each other!

I mean, there’s a sequential correlation between the lectures’ topics. All topics together create a kind of a path within a huge web, that led us to a wide view of the media, the internet and about how we, humans, interact with both them. In other words, this whole path provided us with a great knowledge regarding our Network Society and our Media.

Captura de Tela 2016-03-23 às 15.42.47Took this image from Doug’s presentation in the first lecture. It illustrates exactly what I mean by “web“. 

I just wanted to share the simple links I’ve made from ‘Convergence and Media Industries’ to ‘The Networked Self and Ideas of Community’. The starting point is the cultural angle of online convergence, as it makes the audience become the user. This internet’s tendency has lots of implications, such as in the transformation of the news. We’ve seen news today produced by us on social media and it’s been really common to inform ourselves through these platforms instead of through traditional ones, such as newspapers. Within the readings for week 5, one in particular directly linked with the news production by users. A chapter of the Social Media Handbook discusses the ideas of community online and mentions two different students’ protests at two universities in NYC. One of them had a guy, Charlie Eisenhood, who was part of the physical occupying community at the university campus, as well as part of an online community at the same time he was on the protest. everyone outside the campus was being informed by Charlie, instead of by journalists, as he was recording and reporting online, in real-time, what was happening on the occupation.

All this correlation would easily continue later on, with Privacy and Surveillance, Intellectual Property, Regulation. As I’m already really beyond the word count, would you  –either mentally or comenting– continue linking them? 😛

Thanks for this Network Society & the Media module for such an amazing experience and for all the knowledge we could gain.



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