“I’ve said my piece”

YouTube is the biggest and most successful video platform on the Internet. With infinite channels, this website is the home of many online based communities. As a Latin-American person, I am very proud of my culture and our quirky sense of humor. This is portrayed and transmitted to the world in one of the most famous Latin-American online communities on YouTube called Flama, more specific, a show called “Joanna Rants”. These videos are made by the Venezuelan comedian Joanna Hausmann. New York based, she posts a new “Joanna Rants” at least once every two weeks. These funny rants are usually 6 to 10 minutes long, and they cover generic topics like Most Famous Couples or Snapchat, while some of them cover some more specific Latin American topics, like rivalry between countries from this continent, different Spanish accents or Latin American Christmas traditions. She always finishes her videos with her catch phrase “Until next time, I’ve said my piece”




Despite being from Venezuela, Joanna manages to bring together a whole continent via her hilarious videos. She uses their differences to link each Latin American country with the other, and also links the culture from United States. This is an example of not only a wide online community, but also one of the funniest channels available on YouTube. So don’t be affraid to check it out!



  1. I’ve just watched one of her videos! Loved it!
    I’m also Latin American (and I often feel that in our campus we don’t have many Latin American’s people! Don’t you?).
    Joanna shows on this video I’ve watched the exact thing I’ve been facing here: when someone asks where I’m from, the reaction is always the same: “cool! say something in your language”. And then we say something like “Olá” and the reaction is “ohhhh!”. Don’t know whether you have already felt the same, but sometimes I feel people think we’re from another world.
    By the way, I’ve just had an instantly feeling of belonging to the same Youtube community as you and Joanna, when identifying myself with her video!
    Very nice post 🙂

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  2. It’s amazing that how the development of media has contributed to culture convergence, like on YouTube there are vloggers from all parts of the world, showing us their unique kind of humor. Thanks for your recommendation I will definitely check out her videos! 🙂


  3. I find it interesting about your point about her videos bringing many cultures together however I think this is a much easier thing to do for example YouTube stars like Jenna Marbles who is American has a fanbase globally and Marcus Butlr’s audience has grown majorly round the world. It’s more to do with connecting with the world on a level everyone can relate and share.


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