Media Convergence and the growth of the Internet

I really enjoyed this module and the fact that we wrote weekly blogposts related to the topics we had learnt and spoken about as it helped me to map out my ideas. I found many of the weekly topics interesting – such as privacy and intellectual property, but the topic I would say I found the most interesting was Media Convergence.

This topic as a whole has really made me realise how much the internet has grown over the years. It seems like an obvious thing to say, but when you really think about the process of media convergence – bringing old and new media together – it shows how much the internet has advanced in order to create more and more new media.

We are entering an era where media will be everywhere, and we will use all kinds of media in relation to one another – Henry Jenkins, 2001.

In terms of the growth of the internet, cultural convergence for example allows the public to be the users and create and spread their own content, which shows how far the internet has gone. Convergence means more services for us, but also more power. Think about all of the media we use everyday, that have been created through convergence. Instagram – the combination of photographs and the internet; Netflix – the combination of TV and the internet, the list goes on. I can only imagine how much more will be created in the future.

I found the idea of different types of media convergence really interesting also. I already knew about examples of media convergence, like online TV, online news and streaming services to name a few, but I didn’t know the term ‘media convergence’. Learning this, and the 5 different types of media convergence, made everything a lot clearer in terms of the media and how it has grown over the years with help from the internet. I also thought that this topic was really relevant in terms of Network Society and helped me to understand other topics more transparently.


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