Regulation needs surveillance

For my open post, I would like to concentrate on the aspect of privacy and mass surveillance in relation to regulation. I feel that the idea that we are watched wherever you go is most definitely a concerning one. It feels almost strange to talk about privacy and surveillance under one topic because they appose each other, or may be thats even more reason to link them.

The idea of surveillance in the real world, through cameras and police authority is one form of surveillance that I do not have a problem with, simply because it keeps the public safe and is a reliable source in prosecuting people who commit crimes in public spaces. It is arguable, but I’m confident that most people also have no issue with real world surveillance. It however seems that as soon as you bring the concept of surveillance into the digital world, everyone has a problem with it, why?

I feel its because the mass who use digital in some form see the internet as something that only requires limited surveillance because it’s not real and therefore not a threat. I now however feel that perhaps people are discovering that their actions on the internet have a real effect in the real world. A more serious example would be cyberbullying that has caused many teenagers to commit suicide. When we get to a point where people are losing their lives due to poor surveillance, it becomes a problem. This is where I feel the power of regulation needs to come in.

Regulation and surveillance in my eyes are hand in hand. Regulations are the rules, the surveillance is what is able to implement them effectively. For example, if Facebook set certain rules and regulations for people to follow, the use of surveillance can be used as a form of controlling that regulation. People seem to have a issue with this concept, but I do and always will ask why? Unless you have something to hide, you shouldn’t be concerned with surveillance online for security reasons. If it’s for serious crime/situation (life or death/terrorism), peoples privacy I think should be moved aside. I do understand that regulating all users is a difficult task, but when it is necessary, it should take priority. Going forward, I feel that the interlinking the two needs to be further developed in order to keep people feeling safe online. Do you agree or am I over-thinking it?

Lewis King




  1. I agree, I think that surveillance online needs to be regulated. I think it is important in this day and age, with the internet everywhere, that users feel safe. Like you said, after cyberbullying, I think this takes some sort of priority.


  2. I agree that privacy and surveillance are extremely important aspects to take into consideration and study when learning about the network society. I like that you included that many feel the ‘internet is not real, therefore not a treat’, this is a naive approach and attitude towards online community. I defiantly feel there should be a lot more careful surveillance online. But, although i have nothing to hide, I don’t want to feel like I’m consistently being watched whilst online. It’s a tricky, two sided subject!


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