Social Identity & A.I.

Although we have dwelled in what makes humans attracted to social groups and community within online platforms, I feel that there was not enough phycology based theory in the network and society module. It gave me a great taster of human actions when it comes to community, but I would’ve liked to talk more about why humans are attracted to being almost tribal and sectarian within their precious online and real life communities. I feel that the ‘Social Identity Theory’ (Tajfel : 1979) would have been precious to us in our studies to delve deeper into our actions and give a greater understanding of why we feel safe and attracted to these communities.



I would have also loved to talk about artificial intelligence and the futuristic development of computers or humanoid robots. I feel that this subject would’ve been a fun and interesting way to learn different theory whilst developing and conversing about where we feel the future of our technology and media is going to develop into. I also feel this would’ve been relative towards how production companies get their content to the general public and the affects that developments of technology have on the media industry. As media students, we are also the future of the media industry. This is why I feel A.I. and futuristic computing would be practical and useful towards our future careers in the industry.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 13.12.13.png

– Jed.


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  1. I think you raise an interesting point about A.I. I often think about what could happen if A.I took over personal identities of humans? In the movie i-Robot this has been portrayed very evidentially when a know-it-all cloud based program hacks into robots. In your post, you’ve said that A.I could be the future, but it could also be a step too far. As a Journalism student, I have recently heard reports of computers generating news stories. Are they a threat to my career? Will they be better at the job than me? Media can never me generated by computer programmes. It need a human to produce and develop media content. But, as you claim, it would be interesting to see where A.I. takes the future of media.


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