We are the Future

This semester’s module I have found really insightful and interesting and I have learnt a lot from attending the lectures and seminars and doing my own presentation as well as listening to others.

Throughout the module it has really made me ponder on the idea of how much we, as a generation have shaped and is still shaping the concept of the internet and social media platforms. If you think about it we as the consumers/public have so much power, and sometimes we don’t acknowledge how we affect things collectively. We have the power to determine whether a new social media activity takes off or not. It’s kind of cool that the power is in our hands, in that sense.

What I also find interesting is how the internet, unlike many things in our generation, is permanent and inevitable. We cannot really escape from it, even if people want to take a break from it, I’m sure they will find themselves on it in a couple of hours. But is that a good thing?imagee

I would say that it is scary to think that the activities we do on the internet is monitored and our privacy isn’t really that private. I think in the future it will be interesting to see if there is still that 50/50 balance of ‘US’ and ‘THEM’ in the internet world’s future.

By Demi Bailey-Paul




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  1. I think you make a really good point about how much we are in control of the internet, but this also made me think how much is the internet in control of us? Like you said, we can’t really escape from it, and now we are seeing a new generation come through who have never known life without the internet. So many can barely go without the internet for more than a few hours because it contains so much of lives from entertainment, socialising (to an extent), news and pretty much anything you can think of. I mean we can even get wifi in places like an underground station now. What next? Wifi in a theatre?? It’s interesting to think about.

    Jaye Dundas


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