Internet and Communication ;)

The internet has been an integral part of my everyday life since my 11 years old. How could I never come across its history and the way it emerged? The internet’s history as a whole is very interesting. Mainly if analysed from the very beginning, when governments and corporations were main actors to its occurrence and development.

However, what engaged me the most was the creation of the emoticons on the internet. Principally, the reasons for it to be invented and to continue being used nowadays.

Scott Fahlamn was the creator of the classic smiley design emoticon “:-)” in 1982. He wanted to confirm that his readers would understand that some of his comments in online posts would be sarcastic jokes. To avoid misunderstandings, he suggested the emoticon as to represent any sarcasm.

After all, when we use online text-based communication, comparing to when we talk in person or on the phone, we miss the clues of body language or tone of voice to convey the information. When the internet became a social tool of communication, raised the need for users to communicate in the most effective way.

The Wellcome Collection in London is offering a free event on this Friday 5th, called “Feeling Emotional”, about human emotions. One of the activities will be to create an Emoji for you to “Be your own emoji”. This is a clear example of how these expressive ideograms are extremely linked with the way we want to communicate our feelings.

I also would recommend a fun video about the history of the Emojis: entirely told IN EMOJIS!

Nowadays, I would not be able to delivery messages on my social media, such as WhatsApp, without using Emojis (considered as the evolution of emoticons) which represent my feelings. Do you also find them useful?

Cecília Parreira