We are the Future

This semester’s module I have found really insightful and interesting and I have learnt a lot from attending the lectures and seminars and doing my own presentation as well as listening to others.

Throughout the module it has really made me ponder on the idea of how much we, as a generation have shaped and is still shaping the concept of the internet and social media platforms. If you think about it we as the consumers/public have so much power, and sometimes we don’t acknowledge how we affect things collectively. We have the power to determine whether a new social media activity takes off or not. It’s kind of cool that the power is in our hands, in that sense.

What I also find interesting is how the internet, unlike many things in our generation, is permanent and inevitable. We cannot really escape from it, even if people want to take a break from it, I’m sure they will find themselves on it in a couple of hours. But is that a good thing?imagee

I would say that it is scary to think that the activities we do on the internet is monitored and our privacy isn’t really that private. I think in the future it will be interesting to see if there is still that 50/50 balance of ‘US’ and ‘THEM’ in the internet world’s future.

By Demi Bailey-Paul




Tidal: the wave that you pay for

Tidal is a music streaming service that started in 2009 with its main selling point being that it has higher quality streams. In order to access this great content you have to pay 19.99 per month, but is it really worth this much money ?

The company pitches itself as ”the first artist-owned global music and entertainment platform”, and promises to give shares to other musicians too. It states that its aim is to restore the value of music in the eyes (or ears) of listeners, which means making them pay for good quality music, rather than listening for free.

I think that if tidal was not under a creative commons license it would probably overtake sites such as Spotify, because, it could be argued that the content of the music they stream is of a better quality, meaning Spotify would be under risk of existing.- However Tidal copyright laws are presented as quite strict in its approach, for example subscribers have no right to engage in the commercial use, sale or re-sale of the music they stream… pretty drastic right ?tidal

In my opinion this law is quite extreme because surely any form of advertisement for Tidal, they would benefit from. It would increase the amount of people who join the site, resulting in them getting more money.

-The world would be a better place if we could all listen to music for free because surely Kanye West does not need my 99p.

Internet Invisible or not?

social media giph

As I get older I find myself wanting to be more invisible on the internet, is this strange?

I think that because social networking sights can document and save all your information you have to be more cautious on what you upload and what you write on social media. I find that sights such as Facebook, I am more private on. I find Facebook very invasive because they ask for so many personal details that I think you shouldn’t feel the need to share that with the world. I don’t even have a profile picture on Facebook!

The most information that is visible of myself online is my full name, previous schools and from what I know, that is about it. This information is on my public Twitter account and private Instagram account. I like to have my Instagram account private because that way you have as sense of control over who you allow to follow you and who can see your pictures. –I have chosen to share this information with my family and friends who I know I can trust, and some other random people who followed me in the past …

My biggest presence most recently is on Snapchat. Although Snapchat is very open I enjoy and feel more comfortable sharing funny videos with all my friends. I feel with Snapchat you are able to control the privacy more because you can accept or deny people and it tells you who has viewed your story and you can also block people on there as well. – However for celebrities on social media I feel their personal lives are displayed everywhere on social media. Of course they can control this, but I feel they choose to be very open.

-How Visible are you online ?social media giph 2

By Demi Bailey-Paul.


Trip Advisor: The power of online communities

TripAdvisor is among the world’s largest online travel community with over 20 million monthly visitors to the popular online community, it effectively provides recommendations for hotels, resorts, inns, vacation packages and even travel guides.

What is effective about the website is that it allows its users to have the freedom of moving quickly from one category to another and this means that people have the freedom and are able to comment in different categories. What I find particularly interesting about the site is that it has a sense of togetherness and the way that people comment allows for a flow of conversation between the members.

I think the members benefit from the site because it allows users to post their experiences about tours, express opinions, recommend hotels, resorts, inns, vacations, travel packages, vacation packages, post questions and answer or advise other members of the forum. Users can also post photos and videos of their tours. So therefore the community of people has helped others have a good holiday experience due to the content that they are allowed to post.

You can say that the site itself is one of the most successful sights in engaging an online community of travellers. With the help of the rant or rave section it can literally determine a hotels reputation.

It’s strange how we as a community have so much power. What are your thoughts?

By Demi Bailey-Paul

trip advisor





Youtube: Whats Trending ?

yt_1200-vfl4c3t0kWhen I thought about this weeks blog post I thought instantly of Youtube and the trending bar that it has on the side of its site. I think that we as the audience have a lot of power when it comes to what is trending, and because of our views and the comments that we may post it can create a world wide debate at times where the comment section leads to a big debate.

I wanted to discuss a topic that was trending on Youtube  yesterday regarding how MAC cosmetics posted a picture of a black woman with full lips on their page advertising one of their lipsticks. The picture received a lot of hate and racist comments and it was interesting to see how some of the comments got attention for their explicitly racist and offensive comments.

The audience being the people who commented on the post participated in making the picture gain attention, although the subject matter was harsh the significance of the audience participation allowed for a wider discussion on how black women’s features are scrutinized but when black features are on ‘celebrities’ such as Kylie Jenner she is celebrated and praised for having fake lips. Double standards ?

Take a look at this video where an online news channel discuss the matter.

By Demi Bailey-Paul

Vice: The voice of this generation ?

The reading stated the fusion of all forms of media is resulting in the creation of an entirely newmedium, which means websites are created to incorporate advantages of each media category. I think that Vice fits the epitome of convergence.

Vice was funded in Montreal in 1994, as a magazine which started as a government funded project, as a part of community building. Vice as a brand has expanded immensely and converged successfully leading to its own Youtube channel. This allows the audience to view content that broadens their horizons on issues in the media/news.

Its implications for users isto cover stories that the mainstream media won’t cover. The UK editor Andy Capper in an interview with The Independent said ‘Everything we do has economic and social context’. The quote sums up how Vice has digitized its social media connections and used them as platforms. Their online website has so much variety to choose from such as a web-based TV channel, music, fashion, travel and categories such as crime and mental health.

It is an expanding market, and it has combined the competitiveness of TV, radio and print media with its redefining style which has allowed Vice to become a ‘teen bible’. It has increased its visibility to the public by becoming a form of advertisement and by collaborating a wide range of publications that means a lot of outlets get credibility.

By Demi Bailey-Paul


Social Media is the News

Admittedly I don’t really look at statistic pages when it comes to the intertwining of social media in relation to news. I guess you could say this is due to being on the actual social media itself.

However this weeks topic was interesting as the site Pew Research Center http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2014/09/24/how-social-media-is-reshaping-news/ provided me with interesting information about how social media is a pathway for news nowadays. I would have to say I agree with this statement as I think not only this generation but older people as well mainly get their news sources from different social media sights nowadays. I think this is because for example as the website stated, Facebook is the leading sight in which people get there news from. Do you agree with this statement or has another social media taken over recently ?

It also states that half of Americans use the site and a fifth of them get there news from there essentially. You could say statistics like this are an indication that social media is becoming the news itself, primarily because as a society we are all connected from around the world so this means that news stories are covered and shared and we are able to update them ourselves unlike newspapers. Does this mean print news will eventually die out ?

This short clip shows how social media is becoming revolutionized !

Demi Bailey-Paul