Blog Post #8 – PRIVACY & The Internet

What I found most interesting about this module is Privacy and how half the people feel comfortable sharing all there information for the world to see and the other half have everything private and wants to be in control on who see’s there posts.

Facebook VS Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr & Snapchat


I also found it intriguing how more people would have there Facebook private, however have there Instagram and Twitter profiles visible for anyone to see. Is this just because what society has planted in our heads over the years of social media’s growth, that Facebook is meant to be private and for family and friends but when it comes to Instagram and Twitter it’s completely safe to post whatever you want and have anyone view it? In my opinion and what I have seen we all feel less safe on Facebook than we would on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr, for example if someone added us on Facebook who we didn’t know we would question why that person has added us and usually you choose to decline the request if you don’t know them however if someone followed you on Twitter who you didn’t know or on Tumblr you wouldn’t think of it in the same way, instead you would just be happy because you just gained another follower. I think Snapchat is similar to Facebook in terms of privacy because people see Snapchat as quite a private thing that is just for friends and family. However ever since Snapchat has started to update and become more based around stories people have become more known to add and accept people they don’t know as they want loads of people to view there snapchats.



iTunes is the biggest music purchasing sites in the world. Now days instead of going to the store to by the latest album everyone is talking about, we now can just download it at the touch of a button in the matter of seconds.. But at a PRICE. An album on iTunes usually costs 9.99 for the standard version and 12.99 for the Deluxe Version, however older albums usually cost a lower price of £5.99. Paying is a crucial part of iTunes and you can’t get anything for free because it’s a place where musicians make all there money. All songs have to be original or have permission in some way to be uploaded, copyright is very important when it comes to iTunes, however if someone sued someone other artist for copying a part of there song then iTunes itself wouldn’t get sued but the artist and record company of the song. If all songs on iTunes were free the music industry would suffer majorly. I mean it is suffering today enough because of how easy it is to get our hands on free music, album says have dropped majorly as people don’t really like buying them now days. It’s crucial that record companies make money from the music they make because of how expensive it is to make an album. If they didn’t make any money people would leave the record label as they wouldn’t be able to pay there employers and it’s the butterfly effect just by not purchasing 1 song. It has a bigger effect than you think having things for free.

Blog Post #6 – Privacy

Social Media is strange when it comes to privacy settings because people are very particular as to what social media sites of theirs they have private and what they don’t. An example of this would be my own social media pages, for example I am very open when it comes to Instagram and Twitter and I don’t have any privacy settings at all and the whole world are free to view it whenever they want. However I have made my Facebook profile private and unlike Instagram and Twitter where I follow strangers and strangers follow me, Facebook I am very careful whose friend request I accept. The reason why is because I feel like Facebook is more personal and somewhere I share pictures of me and my friends/family and I wouldn’t want someone I didn’t know or had never met to be looking at those specific things. However Instagram and Twitter is more just ‘me’ based in terms of selfies and things I choose to tweet and retweet. If you look at the screenshots I took of my Instagram and Twitter page I give out my twitter and Instagram name so if someone is looking at my twitter they then will know my name to go follow my Instagram account. I have also very recently added my snapchat name to my bio for anyone to add. Snapchat I used to think of as something that is private and for friends only, however with the recent updates and how now you can have stories I feel like I don’t mind people I don’t know viewing my stories as I see that as being a public thing now anyway.

Blog Post #5 – Facebook


Facebook is one of the biggest social media websites of all time. A few years ago people thought that it was going to fade away like Bebo or My Space or get replaced by something bigger and better, however to this day it is still one of the biggest social media websites and growing. I think that Facebook is a really good community in the way that we are now all able to stay in contact with each other so easily, years ago School Reunions used to happen a lot however now days they don’t because people have Facebook and can see what there old friends are doing in a click of a button. Facebook has also became very useful in terms of texting, people text less now days as they have a separate app to communicate which is called ‘Messenger’ which is like the MSN of 2016.

By being apart of Facebook people have many benefits, for example if they post a status or picture then people will choose to like it. It’s almost like a game where people see who has the most likes and it’s actually an addictive feeling to try and get as many likes as possible for some people. Something that you cant do on Facebook is view certain people’s profiles even if you know them as most people have there settings on ‘Private’. So they would have to confirm your friend request for you to see there profile pictures and what they are doing. It’s also become like YouTube in a way because there are so many videos now days on Facebook.

Blog Post #4 – Celebrities Read Mean Tweets (Jimmy Kimmel Live)


When first given the topic for this blog post I Immediately thought of The Jimmy Kimmel Show. The Jimmy Kimmel Show is an american talk show that is broadcast live. It has many segments to the show that they then upload to YouTube that get millions of views, one of these segments is called ‘Celebrities Read Mean Tweets’. This is where they get a bunch of celebrities to sit in front of a camera and read a mean tweet that someone from the public has written about them and then we see there reaction to this. This is a really good example of audience participation, for example we have been tweeting for many years now and we say stuff about celebrities that we never in a million years think they will see, however this segment shocked a lot of people and I feel even though its meant to be funny and a joke it wakes the audience up into thinking what they write on social media and that anyone can see it. The audience play a very big part in this segment as they are the ones writing the tweets about the celebrities. Social Media plays a big part with audience participation in american shows now days, another example would be the Ellen Show where she gets people in the audiences embarrassing photos on Facebook and shares them for the world to see. I think this shows how audience participation has changed in this digital age where social media plays such a big part, it teaches us that nothing is private and it can be shared to millions on TV and YouTube in the matter of hours.

Blog Post #3 – Convergence (TWITTER)

Twitter is one of the biggest parts of social media and has millions upon millions of users logging in everyday. It used to be a site where you could just tweet your opinion, spread the word about a business or retweet and share other peoples tweets and is a really good platform to spread the word about a brand, movie or new music as one tweet can get shared to millions of people in the matter of minutes.

However Twitter has recently changed and now has a section you can tap on called ‘Moments’ when you tap on this button you are automatically taken to the news page. This news page on Twitter is an easier way to access what everyone is talking about, what is happening in the world and it also has a similar layout to the Daily Mail App. Twitter’s ‘News’ section is also similar to Buzzfeed’s in the way it appeals to a younger type of audience as the language used is more modern and less formal. It also gives you the option to view ‘Today’s Hottest Tweets’ to really keep people informed about whats the new thing people are talking about everyday. People say that they wake up and check twitter like its the morning newspaper and twitter has taken that literally and created a new section where you can now read the worlds news more officially at just a touch of a button. Now you don’t even need to leave Twitter to properly check the world news as it’s all inside this one social app.

Social Media/What you should know


Social Media plays a big part in the media and I think it’s a crucial thing to know about as it does not only effect us students but it effects the whole world as it has become the biggest and most fastest way we communicate with each other in the year 2016. Unlike technology such as iPhones and iPads, social media changes a lot more quick as it only takes someone to create an app that becomes the next big thing and if you don’t know much about social media I think there is a big chance you will be left behind in the new way people communicate.

I found this video on YouTube about the social media and how it is changing the world. I feel this really gives people insight into certain facts about social media that they didn’t know about before quickly and easily. The video does not over complicate things like some of the websites I looked up where it was just endless pages of writing, the text is bold and clear and appealing for the audience to read. “Social Media has become the #1 activity on the web” this fact from the video shows the power social media has on us and the way it has taken over, I mean if you think back to 2007 social media existed but not in the way we know it today. The scale has become much bigger and faster. The video also tells us about how social media has now infected our offline relationships and divorce happens a lot because of Facebook and what people are hiding which is a really interesting fact on its own.