Privacy online…

Firstly I want to discuss how For the last semester we have been completing these blogs on a weekly basis. I have really enjoyed doing this as it has allowed me to learn so much information on a specific topic each week. It has also allowed me to see other peoples views, and express my opinion on them by commenting.

This semester I have really found interest in the privacy online lecture/seminar. This blog post was important to me because I have previously knew people who have had their identity stolen online.  The problem with online security is that you could suggest there is no such thing.

Once something is online it’s online, there are privacy settings in which you can adjust and change to make more ‘private’ but the end result is that if something is put online someone somewhere will have access to it, whether its the users of internet, creators of websites or others.

I believe that online security needs to be addressed more seriously. identification should be essential before young adults can use sites designed for the older generation, also sites with explicit nature should be filtered through, to ensure identification would need to be made before you can use these sites.


The Queen of Copyright

We all know the singer/musician Taylor Swift who has been within the industry for over 10 years. With over 4 debut albums. She has become one of the biggest names in the music world to this day with over 72,000,000 followers on twitter she is one of the most famous female in the world.


If you try to search for 1989 (Taylor’s most recent debut album) on youtube, or online still to this day most of her songs are not available to stream. This is because Taylor has copyrighted every song on the album, meaning once it is published on youtube it will be removed, or the audio will be removed as it will be flagged by the record company who are in charge of Taylor.

Taylor spoke about this in an interview on Jimmy Fallon show (US Talk show) “I am so scared the album will leak that I am the only one who owns it at the moment, my label or family don’t have it, I hate this pressure and it’s making me obsessed”. Her team have even copyrighted catchy phrases in her songs such as “This sick beat,” and “Cause we never go out of style”. As-well as this Taylor decided to remove her whole album from Spotify as she believes that people should not receive her album without paying the full price as people technically get the album for free.

It just goes to show the power that a high profile celebrity in the industry has.

How much can you see?

There is a simple way to find information about a person when you need to research, stalk or find out more. To find out how much you can see about me I decided that would search myself on google.

By entering my first and second name into google Nathan Milsom I found out some information. The first thing I found was my LinkedIn profile. This is a great first website to be used as it allows for any future employers and people interested in any work I do to search about me and what I have done in the past.

Although a lot of my information is not visible to people as I have decided to use nicknames for social media sites and more. I have decided to do so because it hides private information about me that will not be visible to the general public. As well as doing this I have decided to privatise most of my social media sites or change the privacy settings. The bellow images are what you can see if you are not following or friends with me. Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 12.50.55

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 13.12.44

The main reason I have privatised a lot of my information is because I want to ensure that all my information is not visible as it can be dangerous in certain circumstances.

7 cups of tea

7 Cups of tea is a fantastic website that allows users to connect with listeners online. The website is designed for users to chat directly to a listener who can help issues varying from depression, anxiety and many more issues. The site is described as a Online therapy and counselling service where the listeners, listen to problems, and share a listening ear to the person in need.

The listeners are online users who sign up to become a listener, they have to undertake a small online training course where they can be verified to be a listener (as you are dealing with people, who have hard hitting issues, it can be hard to help.)  This is a perfect example of an online community as the listeners and effected people who are using the chat can communicate one on one and also have the chance to join group chats. The listener can schedule appointments where people can speak to them directly when they are online so it gives people a chance to keep in contact.

The website is a great way of overcoming series mental issues and meet people who are in/ have been in the same situation as you and can help guide you through certain scenarios and issues you are facing in your life. This to me is the best online community on the web at this current time.



Twitter was launched in March 2006, which was a new exciting social media platform that allowed users to follow celebrities, post short updates on what they are doing, and to upload imagery. It was different to Facebook in the way that users were not able to post long statuses and comment on posts. Although twitter launched the Retweet button which allows audiences to republish other peoples content onto their feed.

The reason why I choose twitter as being a site in which allows audiences to participate, is due to the hashtag option on twitter. The hashtag is way of connecting all audiences together in specific topics or events that are happening. For example, if the Olympics were on there may be a hashtag #rio2016, in which allows audience to talk and engage about what’s going on. Audiences can join together to ensure that their stories, issues or events are on the trending page.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 22.44.52

As you can see from the image above, twitter allows users to search for things that are happening in the current time that users can upload. This allows people to connect and talk about these issues.  The bottom part also shows you the United Kingdom trends that are in the current moment of time. To conclude I think Twitter is a great way of allowing audience to engage and participate with current topics, issues, and more.

The phone that does everything.

When thinking about convergence, the first thing that came to mind was the iPhone. In the past mobiles were used to call people and receive texts, as the years went on we were able to download small amounts of music to mobile phones. In June 2007 the first iPhone was launched. The features on the first iPhone allowed people to search the web, download apps, take videos, pictures, calculate maths and even use wifi on their phones.

This was a huge development within the world of technology, as it meant all the different technologies were coming together as 1. This is an example of technological convergence, as the new technology has developed to replace the old.

I think the iPhone has been a huge game changer in the way use mobile phones and applications. They were the first mobile phone provider to launch apps on their own App Store in which outside third party developers could create applications in which could be downloaded onto a mobile phone.

Without the iPhone, would phones be how they are today is the question I want you to think iphone-convergeabout? I personally feel that apple started the drive towards this new technology in which today we take for granted and would not understand mobile phones to be without certain apps and functions that we have now.

Why youtube is important?


As a media student, Youtube is such a useful tool to use when researching about specific opinions, videos, songs, talks and pretty much anything. I am a public relations student and I love yt_1200-vfl4c3t0kusing youtube to watch current launches of shows, how have they been perceived? What are the peoples opinions on certain issues, is also a an area that is useful when using youtube as you can find out about different people across the world. This can be from a guy giving his opinion on a UK general election, to a video of Lady gaga singing at a show in Madison garden to 15k+ people . There are so many ways to use youtube and for useful information.

Youtube has made itself to be a useful tool where you can find out the daily happenings in the world, obviously the youtube homepage has many useful videos to what is happening in todays society. The hashtag #PopularOnYoutube allows users to find out content that is happening throughout the world all on one page. bb2874e67d375f212ea43f07273553c9

From a university/college students point of view, youtube is a very useful tool which allows students to find out different opinions and theories on a specific topic, which is essential when doing a essay or a research project. Its also more interactive and interesting compared to having to read a book.