Could you survive ?

To be honest at first I didn’t think I would enjoy writing these blog posts, I thought it would be a complete bore. However this has not been the case and instead I have found it very interesting, reading other people’s thoughts and opinions has been very fascinating and educational. For this blogpost I didn’t know what to write, so I decided to focus on my favourite lecture from this module which was media convergence.

This topic made me realise how much technology has advanced within our society, and how teenagers are fully immersed in their phones they forget to appreciate the little things in life. For example as soon as I wake up the first thing I do is check my social media accounts, Facebook first, next twitter and lastly Instagram. This has become my routine every morning, and if I ever forget to do this, I feel as if I haven’t started my day right. This just shows how addicted I am to social media, even after I have my morning check-up , I still have to look at my phone and my social media platforms constantly throughout the day.

And so sometimes I wonder whether or not the advancement in technology and the media is a good thing? Yes there has been positive outcomes, such as the ability to connect with your family and friends at the click of a button. But personally I think the negative outcomes such as bullying, identity theft and privacy breach outweigh the negatives. Ask yourself this question would you be able to survive without the internet, social media and our mobile phones?








Sound Cloud is the world’s leading social sound platform where anyone can create and share sounds. Sound Cloud is a free app and website, so anyone can listen to music anywhere and everywhere. This has helped shoot many great artists into stardom, a good example of this would be Bryson Tiller, 2 years ago nobody knew who this man was but since he released his song Don’t on Sound Cloud, this propelled him into the music business and now Bryson Tiller is a renowned artist and is landing amazing opportunities, such as performing at Wireless 2016.

If Sound Cloud became restricted, the company would definitely benefit from this financially, but the meaning and the essence behind Sound Cloud would be gone forever. Sound cloud to me is musicians and listeners coming together sharing and create music. I know when I stumble and come across a great artist on Sound Cloud , it makes me extremely happy ,that I have the ability to share this with my friends and families without them and myself having to pay for It. I know If Sound Cloud decided to make us pay for their streaming services , I wouldn’t after all YouTube is still free , I think if YouTube wasn’t free then I wouldn’t have a choice in the matter and then would I consider paying for Sound Cloud.


Have you been Cat fished before ?

Online visibility is something that I take very seriously, this is because I have had a bad experience, where someone stole my pictures from my Facebook, page and was using it as their own. When I found out what happened I was extremely scared , as my parents had warned me about the dangers of using Facebook , I also studied ICT for GCSE’S and my teacher had also warned me about the information and pictures that you put on the internet.

And so because of this I felt I couldn’t turn to anyone as I had landed myself in the situation. What made me even more scared was the comments that old men were writing on my pictures, I felt like I was going to die, the comments were extremely repulsive and sickening and something a 15 year old shouldn’t have seen.

However with the help of my friends I managed to report the Facebook page and the account was taken down. But because of that negative experience I make sure that all my social media accounts , such as Facebook , Instagram  and Twitter are on private , I am able to control what people get to see and I can select who  my friends.  So even though I have had a negative experience on social media , that didn’t deter me from using Facebook , instead it just made me realise how important it is to watch what you put on the internet and  to take your privacy very seriously


 YouTube is a big part of my life and it makes me feel as if I am part of a big online community. YouTube allows me to watch and somewhat participate to a certain level in the Youtuber’s lives. This is because Vloggers and Youtuber’s make you feel as if their having an actual conversation with you, by asking questions like what do you think? And write your comments below? The comment section allows you to interact with them and other viewers as well , and sometimes they even respond which solidifies the fact that you feel like as if their your online best friend.

YouTube also acts as a support system, where people are able to share their feelings, thoughts and opinions , a good example of this would be a YouTuber that I currently follow called productjunkiexoxo , who is currently going through a divorce but yet chooses to share her life on social media , and the comments on her YouTube video are always filled with encouraging and inspiring words reminding her that things will get better. This is what I personally love about YouTube how individuals from different countries are able to come together and support one another.


Wattpad !

I I am part of an online community called Wattpad, this site allows individuals from around the globe to create and share stories ranging from different genres such as romance, horror and adventure. Around 40 million individuals have joined this website, and this is because their able to express themselves through their writing. Wattpad takes everything you love about storytelling and turns it into a social, on the go experience, and this is because not only do they have a website but they also have an app too, which makes it easier for me to access the stories anywhere and everywhere.

 The readers play a massive role in shaping the stories that I read, this because on the app there is a comment section where readers are able to share their thoughts and opinions about a particular story, this is not only just entertainment for the readers but it also helps the writer, this is because they can look at the comments and see whether or not the readers like the direction of where the story is going in and maybe get some inspiration. The app also allows the readers to vote for their favourite story and share it across multiple media platforms such as Facebook.

What makes this website, even more amazing is the exposure writers get from the comments, likes and shares, this has played a significant role in many of the writers as they have managed to publish their books on sites such as amazon through crowd funding. And being noticed by very influential Publishers.



Global Convergence

Global convergence is defined as media shared around the world which causes it to be more globalised, because of the different cultures.

A good example of this would be within the Hollywood entertainment industry, Asian films have become very popular, this is because of the global circulation of Asian Popular Cinema , through actors such as Jackie Chan who have introduced us to films , that are about Kung Fu and Martial arts, we have now come to embrace and love these movies.  How many of you guys have watched Rush Hour 1,2&3 ? There are many more other movies such as the classics Crouching Tiger and Hidden dragon , which have all become significant movies within the Hollywood entertainment industry, that we now have a specific genre for these movies( Kung Fu Films).

However there are disadvantages to cultural convergence, Doug gave a particular interesting example in the lecture, about an image and website which Dino Ignacio created called Bert is evil. What fascinated me was , the fact  that the image managed to find itself at rallies by pro bin laden protestors in Pakistan, the image was created in America then travelled to Bangladesh and found itself in Pakistan. I am sure the individuals who were waving around the flags, had no clue who Bert from sesame street was and if they knew the two images wouldn’t have been together. Overall, there will always be disadvantages an advantages to anytype of convergence , but  it is up to as individuals to use this new found knowledge in a positive light and to help others.

What are your thoughts ?

Box of Broadcasts is an online website , which allows students to watch and record any broadcast programme from 60+ TV and radio channels. As a PR student this has been a very useful website , as it has allowed me to to watch programmes such as The Today show which unfortunately airs at six in the morning , as I am unable to listen to it at that time , after lectures I simply go on to the website and listen to the radio show on my phone.

What I personally love about the website, is that there is no expiry date on the clips or videos , instead everything is simply stored in a media archive , meaning that you can watch that same clip or video over and over again. The website is also extremely easy to use and is in fact a bit like BBC I player , however BOB has a lot more to offer. The website also has user friendly features for example , the programmes come in 10 different languages, you have the ability to access and watch programmes on your phone , which I have found very handy and the website is also free so you do not have to pay a subscription fee.