The Link Between Man & Machine.

Convergence in media have played a massive part in the way our world wide web, television and news based platforms have been formed over the past twenty years. From the Youtube – Google match up to the AOL – Time Warner coalition, all convergence have an effect on the way we intake our media outlets. My example does not come from large companies, but instead the ‘consumers’ of these different digital conglomerates. We are now engrossed in an age where the internet has become man’s best friends. The majority of people from all over the world now have a presence online, online businesses, films they produce, independent clothing apparels, the list goes on and on. The links and popularity of the world wide web has enabled people to sell or buy with the click of a finger and around £718.7 million was spent last year through online business. Through selling stuff online there’s a kind of ‘you scratch my back, and i’ll scratch yours’ companionship. Websites like Ebay or Gumtree take a small fee from what you sell, websites like Facebook and Youtube use advertising revenue in return for the use of their site. Websites need people to be successful, and people need them to make business life easier for themselves, they both help one another in harmony to gain as much from themselves and to become as universal as possible, linking together to achieve something that is beneficial to everyone involved. I personally feel that this is a convergence itself, maybe even one of the biggest we have ever seen. There is now a massive partnership between man and machine, who help one another to become successful in what they do, and to become as universal as possible. My question to you, is if you feel that this is considered a convergence? I’m interested to hear different stand points on this subject!


– Jed Colman.


Our whole life in just one device

I’ve spent hours of researching online, just to understand the term convergence and find a good example. But while going from one page to another I realised.. The answer was in my hands. 

As a representatives of the new generation, I think, that each of us owns a smartphone and uses it everyday. So we are all aware of the advantages that it offers. I don’t know about you.. but I have never actually thought about my phone as a replacement of many other things. Well it is – of a camera, a newspaper, a calculator, a calendar, a dictionary and so on. So if convergence is “coming together of distinct and separate factors or phenomenon such as technologies” (According to Business Dictionary), the smartphone, in my opinion, is the perfect example.


If few years ago our phones offered us some good advantages and were the replacement of some essential things from our everyday life .. Convergence-Smartphones

.. Today, ALL we need is our smartphone.


Examples of things, which an iPhone replaces: 

16165587-potrait-of-busy-business-man-do-more-than-one-job-Stock-Photo-multitasking-man-multiplego to the library > use iBooks (for magazines as well)
go to the supermarket > order online
buy newspapers > read online newspapers (download free news apps)
buy a dictionary > download one on your phone (or two or three..)
buy a map > use the ‘Maps’ app
buy a camera > you already have it
watch the weather forecast > use the ‘Weather’ app
search for information in Google > ask ‘Siri’

.. and these are just a few of the things, which I can do/access just by a click of a finger.



– everything happens faster hand-apple-iphone-smartphone
– our life is much easier
– less stressful
– it is also cheaper (no need to buy many devices. one is enough)
– more interesting (knowing that the whole world is in your hands is exciting, isn’t it?!)


To conclude, today’s smartphone puts everything we need in our everyday life together to make things much easier and faster for us. Unfortunately, we still have to eat, drink and go to the toilet by ourselves. But who knows how far would the development of new technologies go..

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