Soundcloud is a website under lenient creative commons licence. It is an online platform that users are able to upload their own music and content to their own personal profile. With 95% using this website free of charge, they’re able to share their music with others in hope to gain followers, comments and listens. This is an extremely useful platform for underground/up and coming musicians who want to share their content with the creative world, especially those who perform in the electronic genres of music. With over 3,000 clips within the public domain and able to use free, for anyone, this is a great gallery of soundtracks for film makers to use and for musicians to get their name into the public eye. If this website were under stricter copyright law then I feel the impact on the creativity, networking and community of legal online music sharing would be tarnished. Although an advantage may be that of an economic stance, enabling the website to grow even more than it is doing so, include more features, and to actually become a profitable feature of the web 2.0. I feel that this would put massive strain on the amount of users, thus having a massive affect on on the amount of creativity and sense of musical community that this website provides to many of those who cannot afford to use platforms like this, changing this could really affect those who’re up and coming artists. As we already know, many of the greatest musicians to ever live come from a working class background, so why restrict these people from providing the western world with content that brings people daily happiness and promotes creativity?

– Jed.