This Is Just…Embarrassing.

When typing ‘Jed Colman’ into google search an array or different information is presented to you, mostly embarrassing old videos that my close friends have filmed with me included. Before writing this blog post, I would have considered myself to be relativity un-visible person online. But now I realise how accessible a lot of my personal information is to people that I hardly know or will maybe never even meet. Just through typing my name into the most accessible search engine in the world, you’re able to see what I look like, where I live, many of my online accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn, my extremely old Tumblr account, and even a video of me singing a funny song back in 2012! The worst bit about this embarrassing content is that I have very little control over what many people see about me and the information that you’re able to articulate (as many of my friends are the ones who have uploaded the content online). Knowing that people have pretty good ability to find out lots of my personal information, lots of history about me and my life, and where I live is quite worrying, (although I guess I did decided to share this information when creating my online personas). Overall, I feel that online visibility can be good and bad. It’s very good for promoting yourself and your works to employers or peers, but it also makes me feel on edge about who’s actually looking at this content and how much of this content is unavailable for me to interact with, or how it is lacking in my favour to choice whether to share this content with the online world.

Here’s a funny drawing of me that’s also one of the first pieces of content I found:-


Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 12.37.32