Media in 2016

Even though each week we were presented with new and interesting topics related to the relationship between media and society, the one I found particularly fascinating was in one of the lectures called Media Convergence.

This is a topic that started an amazing conversation in the seminar as well, being so relatable to young people.

Media convergence is constantly showing us how much the technology has developed over the years and it makes every change seem possible nowadays.

But media convergence does not work just on a technological level where you can google on your TV, receive texts on your watch, but also on a cultural one. This concerns us, the audience. We are becoming converged as well through the media and globalisation and we started to be familliar with more than just one cultural background and geography it’s seen with different eyes considering the speed and lack of boundaries in most countries in the world.

With that being said, I believe that media convergence is such a broad and interesting subject that it is really hard to capture its essence and elaborate on it in only 200 words, but it is something to think about even when we are doing things we are so used to do, such as watching Netflix on our phones.