artificial intelligence

When the public is shocked by the match between AlphaGo and Lee Sedol, some people are deep in the reverie about artificial intelligence. As the scholars are obsessed with developing the artificial intelligence, the fear of AI is also increasing.

Talking about the fear of AI, Siri could be a good example. Have you talked to Siri before? Go and try “Do you have any friends?”. One of the answers is that “Well, I have millions of users. And I consider myself a friend to all.” However, this is not the end. After a 3-second delay, Siri will then say “Except for… No, everyone” and this sentence does not appear on your phone. It sounds quite horrible.What does Siri mean for “except for”?

As for the case of AlphaGo and Lee Sedol, we know that the result was that AlphaGo defeated Lee Sedol 4-1. Some people propose that the round which AlphaGo lost was its “strategy”. AlphaGo lost on purpose to pretend it is a beatable system which is completely harmless. Jie Ke, who is the master of Wechi declared that AlphaGo will never beat him. I am looking forward to seeing their competition. Maybe after then, the truth will be uncovered.



We all know iTunes is a digital music-management hub with strict regulation. As it brings us a high quality listening experience, we have to pay for every song and album. Apple’s CEO made a lot of efforts to unite the power of artist industry, content market and the copyright holders to put down the promotion of illegal downloading system like Napster. Besides monetizing the music industry, the aim of iTunes is also to let the content market have a higher status than before.

Apart from the music, people can also purchase for the movies, books and even the TV shows. iTunes protect the intellectual property of most of the artists and create a peaceful platform for us to watch and listen to legal copy movies and music.

Actually, if iTunes works as a free platform, it will not be a mainstream platform for the media to hype. There will still have another platform to ask for fees, protect the rights of the artists and become to the new mainstream of music industry.

A piece of music which is created by the passion and enthusiasm should be respected by us. Everybody want their products to be treated carefully and legally after all.

Online Visibility

I am not visible at all. Although I have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, I hardly use them and I definitely will not complete my personal information. Because I think from the social media, people can easily analyse your personality and your background. Besides this reason, I personally believe it is difficult to use Facebook and Twitter..especially Twitter.

In my country, I also use social networks such as wechat, sina weibo or QQ which are all extremely popular as you can see.

屏幕快照 2016-02-09 下午1.26.44

However, I still take seriously about my personal information. The power of internet is too strong and I am afraid of it. I only want to be an invisible person to find some funny news or videos.

Now, we have to use our email or phone numbers to create an account. Therefore, I believe although we did not write our personal information, someone can easily get it. Maybe the company will sell your details to somebody and that is why you will receive some strange messages or emails.

I think we really need to be careful on the Internet but sometimes if you are in a small sized interest group, you’d better complete the information, otherwise, it is a bit disrespectful and unfair.

The student room

I believe most of us are familiar with the student room. The biggest student online community for people to exchange their study tips and life experience.


Besides the study tips, there are several blocks to explore. Members of the student room can benefit from the blogs about academic knowledge, university information or even job guide. The platform also provides opportunities for students to get a job. Therefore, I believe it is a quite useful online community for students, especially the seniors.

As the largest student community in the world, one features the student room has is that people can talk freely. It is very common to see people asking about the questions like “What ended your last relationship?” or “How to deal with the housemate problem?” Actually, it is a big advantage to attract people to join this community. However, sometimes there are extremists hide behind. They will post some blogs to instigate student to take part in terrorist activities. And the site has no idea to avoid this problem. Furthermore, the atmosphere of study is not that good. Students always flaunt their GCSE and A-Level grades.

To sum up, there are loads of information in the student room. To keep our mind critically and choose the useful information you need.






Bullet screen-“Danmu”

Bullet screen, which can also be written as “Bullet curtain”(Chinese word “Danmu” or “Danmaku” in Japanese), is a very popular system for people to share their comments as they are watching videos. It was first popularized by Japanese ACG (animation, comic, game) video portal Niconico, which later inspired Chinese ACG websites AcFun and BilibiliIt does not like traditional comments which people post below the video. Bullet screen allows viewers typed the comments to zoom across the screen like bullets.


The new form of comments is extremely popular in Japan and China. People even would like to wait for other viewers to be online in order to share the video and post the comments together. And some people even can play the Bullet screen.

b8014a90f603738df47190bbb31bb051f819ec74 amazing bullet screen..

You might ask why the “Bullet screen” is not popularized in Europe and America? The reasons are quite simple. The Bullet screen is not suitable for English language. Furthermore, the governance is different between western countries and eastern countries.

For me, I am a fan of Bullet screen. I love reading the bullet screen because it brings me so much fun! But sometimes you have to close the bullet screen because it will make you mad!!!

Example ↓ = =




Convergence and social media

I believe that social media is a typical example of convergence. It is actually a collection of technology, culture and media convergence.

Thanks for these convergences, we can read news, watch cooking tutorials and share our thoughts on social networks. We don’t need to buy newspapers day by day to get in touch with the current news. We can communicate with people around the world to exchange the knowledge and lives by iMessages or WhatsApp. We can easily find our friend on Facebook or Twitter due to the metadata and algorithm. And these are the power of convergence in social media which makes our lives more convenient.

However, the bad implements cannot be ignored. Obviously, people are getting more and more lazy; there are lack of face-to-face communication; students cannot concentrate on studying and their eyesight is keeping dropping over and over again. Some young adults even get nomophobia which is a fear being out of mobile contact.

While the convergence of social media is providing us convenience, we are getting lazy. But while the bad implements are gradually appearing, it stimulates other platforms to develop. For instance, “forest” is an app to avoid you being addicted by your phone. Apple company evaluated this app as “amazing app”.


So everything is double-edged. Obviously, we know the disadvantages of convergence but we still cannot live without its power. This is the glamour of convergence.


I would like to recommend “Statista” which is a site with useful statistics and reports. It accesses to 1 million statistics, comprehensive reports on over 3000 industry topic and revenue forecast on over 400 industries. Whether for presentations, assessments or website, statista always offers me what I need immediately.

I really like the guide bar which always gives me inspiration and good materials to decide what content I can write. And the information is always up-to-date so I can get in touch with the newest trends as they occur. The most important thing is that the statistics and reports are all reliable sources which are ensured by the experts and industries leaders.

屏幕快照 2016-02-09 下午12.38.43.png

We can find the statistics not just in a simple boring way but on Statista,there are infographics to show the statistics, reports and rankings. We can compare the figures according to bar charts, line graphs, pie charts and maps. We can see the world ranking easily by only searching the keywords. If you cannot understand what the graph means, there will have several paragraphs to summarize the information of the graph.

So, have you used this website before? If you have, what is your feeling? Comparing to other statistic website, what are the strength and weakness does Statista has ? Hope you will like this website.